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I’ve decided to foolishly create twice as much work for myself by segregating the food aspect from the projects area of my life and maintaining multiple websites and as such all food related stuff will now reside on my other site

A story of sowing my wild legumes.
More Cowbell Cowpea !

Yesterday on the way back from the farm we stopped into the local bulk seed supplier so that I could get some cowpea to scatter in the back yard. I can’t believe how awesome and farm-like it feels to purchase a giant 25kg sack of seeds, throwing it over your shoulder to take back for use in an inner city block!


For $55 I basically got my own little nitrogen and soil breaking factory. The idea being the roots will infiltrate my clay soil and slowly break it apart and at the same time load it up with nitrogen for my soon to be tree and vegetable planting mission.


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Bowls day 2012 poll

So I probably should have done this earlier. If enough people really want the change I’ll see what I can do.
The reason it’s not on the weekend before Xmas is because it’s too close to Xmas for a lot of people or you may already be heading off for family time.
Or you don’t want to be wasted and scaring the children.
Anyways. Let me know what you would like. I’m only going to pay attention to the numbers if they exceed sample size of say 30+
And obviously if I am able to change the date. It’s currently locked in for the 15th at Toowong.

Remember to still vote if you want to keep it on the 15th.

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