The Chicken Diaries #7 (Special: The Chickens of Indonesia-Ayam-Part 2 of 3)

Part 1 of the Indonesian Chickens Special is here.

So Dear Diary,
It seems it’s not just us ladychickens who think our human is weird. The Indonesians were wondering why the crazy tourist was running around taking lots of photos of chickens. They were pointing at him and laughing, probably thinking the fascination with chickens is because they don’t have any in Australia. On second thought I’m so glad we didn’t go on holiday with the human, it would have been so embarrassing being associated him him.


Look at the bronze highlights on this beautiful lady. She must be schooling her little chick with some important information. It’s hard to believe that tiny little bub will grow up to be as big as its mum.


Some youngsters up to no good having just jumped out of the gutter with great difficulty due to lack of strength.


They should have stayed and helped their little friend who didn’t think about how to get out, before jumping into the gutter of fun.

These little ones were just hanging out on an old school desk. Probably waiting for the teacher.


Such a good mamma hen caring for her little chicks. Motherhood looks like such hard work.



What is with these Indonesian manchickens and their beautiful feathers. If the damn human had taken us with him I could be sipping wormjuice cocktails by the beach and having a summer romance with the like of this lovely fellow.

Oh my, the way I’m carrying on you’d think I’d never seen a rooster before! Oh wait, I haven’t. Damn you egg-farm life! A curse on rooster free councils too!

Well lah-dee-dah. Look at  Haute Couture here. But OMG seriously how good is that plumage! I could never afford to shop at that store.

I’m feeling a bit insecure with my plain old red feathers. Look at that array of colour!

Seriously eat a worm already you skinny…….. Oh my goodness dear diary, I can’t believe I just said that. I promised myself I’d never be that kind of ladychicken and here I am catching myself getting all envious. I’m so sorry.

Time to move on after that embarrassing little outburst. Here’s some teenagers hanging together as teenagers are wont to do.


Looks like they’re wearing their gang member bands for easy identification in the hood. I’ve heard of such things. I’m a knowledgeable chicken.


Part 3 here. So many pretty chickens!