A story of sowing my wild legumes.
More Cowbell Cowpea !

Yesterday on the way back from the farm we stopped into the local bulk seed supplier so that I could get some cowpea to scatter in the back yard. I can’t believe how awesome and farm-like it feels to purchase a giant 25kg sack of seeds, throwing it over your shoulder to take back for use in an inner city block!


For $55 I basically got my own little nitrogen and soil breaking factory. The idea being the roots will infiltrate my clay soil and slowly break it apart and at the same time load it up with nitrogen for my soon to be tree and vegetable planting mission.


It hadn’t rained here in Brisbane for over a month and everything was pretty dry so I wet the hill to allow the seeds to cling to the soil. Then I used a ~1L food storage container to scoop out a portion of seeds at a time (No sense lugging a 25kg sack around on a hill) and began sowing my seeds. I have never reached in, grabbed a handful of seeds and then with a graceful (*cough*) sweep of my hand cast seeds, ever. Believe me there is something extremely gratifying about doing this simple but oh so enjoyable action. I then wet the soil again to ensure the seeds had a good chance of taking off.



Wouldn’t you believe it, we had our first bit of rain 9 hours later at night. All the better for the better for the cowpea. The last time I threw a couple of seeds in the ground they started to sprout within 2 days so with any luck I’m hoping for a sea of green on my hillside.