The Chicken Diaries #7 (Special: The Chickens of Indonesia-Ayam-Part 3 of 3)

Part 1 of the Indonesian Chickens Special is here.

Dear Diary,

I know I know, I’m posting a LOT of roosters that the human took photos of.  I’m a red blooded (and feathered) ladychicken after all.

Until now I hadn’t realised how rooster starved I was!

Ok last one.

This time I really mean it.

I know I’m a plus sized hen as Isa Browns were bred especially for making eggs and so it’s strange for me to see chickens that are so sleek. Such beautiful feathering.

Even the plainest ones are nice.


Okay I couldn’t resist.  This is the Girlfriend of the chicken couple we saw in Part 1. I noticed they both have very upright tail feathers. Our human said they were both very dwarfish in stature.

Looks at the golden flecks through the black.

It’s no wonder her Boyfriend keeps her close.

He is fiercely protective of her.

While she is obviously the Yin of the pair.

The human wasn’t very happy with the next set of photos. He really doesn’t like seeing animals in small cages, especially winged ones that are prevented from soaring the sky. He used Google image search to find out that this is called a Black-naped Oriole. It was in the carpark of the Central Inn Senggigi.

That’s a red papaya in the background for them to peck at.

The human went for a massage at Puri Mas Spa which he said was easily the best of all the massages in the Senggigi area of Lombok (lucky him right?). Inside the grounds there were numerous cages holding many exotic birds and animals.

The human is trying to find out what it is but in the meantime I’ll just call it the supermodel bird. The photos were taken on his mobile instead of the DSLR and do not do the colours justice.

That’s it dear diary. I will definitely be stowing away the next time the human goes on holiday. I mean seriously, I could have just hung out with my cousin chickens and had a grand old time.

As I say goodnight dear diary I put to you this philosophical chicken pondering of the day: I wonder if chickens in different countries speak in different cluck language?