The Chicken McMansion Coop Build – Part 2 (Walls)


With the base done I decided to cover it with some banner vinyl. This would add another layer of protection for the underlying wood as well as enable me to hose out the coop floor with relative ease should I wish to. I secured the vinyl to the floor with what will become the base of my side walls’ framework.

DIY Chicken coop build - wall framework and vinyl floor covering


The corner uprights were next along with the rafters. I opted for a skillion roof as it was easy to build but more importantly the heat would easily escape during our intense Australian summers.

DIY Chicken coop build - Wall framework and rafters


The side panels are the 100mm x 16mm treated pine fence palings recycled from the rustic beach hut prop in my friend’s music video. I ran them down past the floor so any water would be led to the ground. There are 1-2mm gaps between them as they’re not dressed but it’s secure and allows for additional ventilation. Some mist may get through during our 100+ km/h winds during our summer storms but for the most part it’ll be rain proof.

DIY Chicken coop build - Wall framework and side panels

View from my deck of the side walls being built. I decided on a whim to add in a window on the southern wall as this is the direction from which the wind usually blows. It’s a rectangular section of strong 25mm spacing wire mesh.

DIY Chicken coop build - Building the side walls