Carazy Composting Method : No Turn, Turbo Charged, Self Aerated Hot Composting System

If I never have to turn compost in my life again it will be a great thing.

(Help there’s too many words, take me to the video ! )

I put together my first ever small pile of compost a month ago, turned it once and realised I never want to waste time turning compost again, ever, if I could. Previously I’d only done Bokashi composting and had never really taken time to do a regular composting pile! At the same time I didn’t want to leave it for half a year to break down. After much research I mostly saw expensive ($300+ !) commercial bins or tumbler composting systems (which still require turning albeit much easier).

I hate inefficiency and there are enough mini projects to do in a garden without having to expend a huge amount of time and effort to move a pile of waste a few feet over just to ensure it gets air so it can decompose better. I spent countless hours investigating various methods and the no turn composting all involved letting the pile break down over 6-12 months. Sounds great but what if you want compost now? It basically came down to this

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