The Chicken Diaries #6 (Special: The Chickens of Indonesia-Ayam-Part 1 of 3)

Dear Diary,

Wednesday 15th July 2015

What an intense couple of weeks. Firstly success! After six weeks with our human tirelessly tucking us in every night and teaching us how to roost on the bar, we had our first night with every ladychicken getting up to the roosting bar and staying there. There was still mini chicken pyramid building but eventually we just stayed there all lined up on the roosting bar and went to sleep. The human was punching his wing in the air with happiness. The simpleton is so easily pleased.  He says it’s not a moment too soon as he’s about to go oversseas on a permaculture consult. I love holidays. I wonder where we’re going?


Thursday 16th July 2015

So diary, the human left without us. He filled our giant self feeding food bucket with pellets and topped up the automatic water station and just abandoned us! Just as we were making headway with our acclimatisation and relationship building. I think he lied to us too as he said he had to fly wherever he was going and I can tell you straight up that the big human lummox is going nowhere with those spindly wings of his. Plus he doesn’t have feathers. I mean we’re not the most flighty of chicken breeds but we’d certainly put him to shame.

While he’s away the human’s youngest brother comes and checks up on us and makes sure we’re looked after. He’s a bit light on the treats though. I bet our simpleton human didn’t tell him where the treat bucket was.


Wednesday 29th July 2015

Our human came back after two weeks and guess what? He’s been seeing other chickens while he’s away. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Seems he went and visited our distant cousins on the Island of Lombok in Indonesia. They call themselves Ayam which means chicken in our language.


This guy is wearing a fancy tasseled scarf.

I guess he’s not impressed about the paparazzi.

Chasing others off from his area. Men! Always trying to show off who has the biggest wattle.

He is a fine looking fellow though.

I call these two the Boyfriend and Girlfriend.  They were inseparable. Every day the human walked by them they were together.

Whenever he waddled over to the other side of the gutter, he’d wait like a true gentleman, until she finished what she was doing before joining him.

Look at his lovely blue feathers.

Wow, this guy is super tall with a lot going on with his coat of feathers. So serious and on a mission!

I love this photo. Birds of a feather flocking together and enjoying some peaceful communal foraging.

Some more pretty colourations. I wonder what they’re feasting on. I bet it’s delicious. Apparently they’re all free ranging whatever that means.

I really wish I was invited to this holiday but maybe the human thought it would be too much change in our lives. After all we had only just arrived here at our new home 41 days previously!
Part 2 now up!



The Chicken Diaries #7 (Special: The Chickens of Indonesia-Ayam-Part 2 of 3)

Part 1 of the Indonesian Chickens Special is here.

So Dear Diary,
It seems it’s not just us ladychickens who think our human is weird. The Indonesians were wondering why the crazy tourist was running around taking lots of photos of chickens. They were pointing at him and laughing, probably thinking the fascination with chickens is because they don’t have any in Australia. On second thought I’m so glad we didn’t go on holiday with the human, it would have been so embarrassing being associated him him.


Look at the bronze highlights on this beautiful lady. She must be schooling her little chick with some important information. It’s hard to believe that tiny little bub will grow up to be as big as its mum.


Some youngsters up to no good having just jumped out of the gutter with great difficulty due to lack of strength.


They should have stayed and helped their little friend who didn’t think about how to get out, before jumping into the gutter of fun.

These little ones were just hanging out on an old school desk. Probably waiting for the teacher.


Such a good mamma hen caring for her little chicks. Motherhood looks like such hard work.



What is with these Indonesian manchickens and their beautiful feathers. If the damn human had taken us with him I could be sipping wormjuice cocktails by the beach and having a summer romance with the like of this lovely fellow.

Oh my, the way I’m carrying on you’d think I’d never seen a rooster before! Oh wait, I haven’t. Damn you egg-farm life! A curse on rooster free councils too!

Well lah-dee-dah. Look at  Haute Couture here. But OMG seriously how good is that plumage! I could never afford to shop at that store.

I’m feeling a bit insecure with my plain old red feathers. Look at that array of colour!

Seriously eat a worm already you skinny…….. Oh my goodness dear diary, I can’t believe I just said that. I promised myself I’d never be that kind of ladychicken and here I am catching myself getting all envious. I’m so sorry.

Time to move on after that embarrassing little outburst. Here’s some teenagers hanging together as teenagers are wont to do.


Looks like they’re wearing their gang member bands for easy identification in the hood. I’ve heard of such things. I’m a knowledgeable chicken.


Part 3 here. So many pretty chickens!


The Chicken Diaries #7 (Special: The Chickens of Indonesia-Ayam-Part 3 of 3)

Part 1 of the Indonesian Chickens Special is here.

Dear Diary,

I know I know, I’m posting a LOT of roosters that the human took photos of.  I’m a red blooded (and feathered) ladychicken after all.

Until now I hadn’t realised how rooster starved I was!

Ok last one.

This time I really mean it.

I know I’m a plus sized hen as Isa Browns were bred especially for making eggs and so it’s strange for me to see chickens that are so sleek. Such beautiful feathering.

Even the plainest ones are nice.


Okay I couldn’t resist.  This is the Girlfriend of the chicken couple we saw in Part 1. I noticed they both have very upright tail feathers. Our human said they were both very dwarfish in stature.

Looks at the golden flecks through the black.

It’s no wonder her Boyfriend keeps her close.

He is fiercely protective of her.

While she is obviously the Yin of the pair.

The human wasn’t very happy with the next set of photos. He really doesn’t like seeing animals in small cages, especially winged ones that are prevented from soaring the sky. He used Google image search to find out that this is called a Black-naped Oriole. It was in the carpark of the Central Inn Senggigi.

That’s a red papaya in the background for them to peck at.

The human went for a massage at Puri Mas Spa which he said was easily the best of all the massages in the Senggigi area of Lombok (lucky him right?). Inside the grounds there were numerous cages holding many exotic birds and animals.

The human is trying to find out what it is but in the meantime I’ll just call it the supermodel bird. The photos were taken on his mobile instead of the DSLR and do not do the colours justice.

That’s it dear diary. I will definitely be stowing away the next time the human goes on holiday. I mean seriously, I could have just hung out with my cousin chickens and had a grand old time.

As I say goodnight dear diary I put to you this philosophical chicken pondering of the day: I wonder if chickens in different countries speak in different cluck language?