I’m a reluctant gardener.

I’ve always disliked gardening, from childhood all the way through adulthood. It was considered a form of punishment if I had to do it. Building projects however are different. I’d gladly spend days erecting a retaining wall or building a garden shed or gazebo but when it came to toiling in the soil my interest was non existent.

I went to the Burning Man event in 2011 and met a guy from who lived one suburb away from me back in my hometown of Brisbane in Australia! We became great friends. When we got back home he invited me to a party at his permaculture farm out past Uki near Mt. Warning. It was there that I started to see the possibilities of what a low maintenance ecological system could be like. The clincher was seeing his house back in the city where he had replicated the farm structure albeit on a much smaller scale.

Seeing pineapples growing on the footpath and edible plant life everywhere I thought I’d give it a go on my relatively large inner city block. Most of this site will be about the progress of my permaculture adventure.

Even today I struggle with growing plants. I almost believe that I sweat out herbicide from my pores! It’s extremely frustrating when I see people growing amazing vegetable gardens with apparent ease out of boxes, shoes and pretty much anything. What I’m saying is if I can get this permaculture experiment working and producing then any muppet can!

I have a background in Mechanical Engineering and IT so I like to design different systems. My electives always involved optimisation of efficiencies of systems so I tend to take simple (or complex)  ideas and see if I can improve on them.

I rarely check my own website (I’m more interested in reading up on what others are doing, like your website!) hence comments are usually disabled on this site,  and my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/carazynet as I will never get around to reading comments let alone answering everyone.

If you want to discuss anything the best way would be to friend me on Facebook which I at least check sometimes.

My second recipe and food website simmeringsaucepan .com became  too much work and I realised that it’d be better to not update one website rather than not update two ! I let the registration lapse and I’ll merge the content back into this site as time permits.

I hope you gain something from these pages whether it be entertaining or informational. I believe everyone should add to the brain dump that is the wonderful interwebs.

Have an awesome day!

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