How To Build A Wicking Garden Bed using an IBC / Tote

I’ve been wanting to build a wicking bed for some time now but the high cost of waterproof membranes / pond liners always put me off. IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Carriers) / IBC Tote / Pallet tanks are white plastic cubes used to transport liquids. Quite often they are a one use item only, especially in … Read more

Wicking Bed Media Comparison and Conclusion

This is an addendum to the post Setting up the wicking bed with modified large capacity reservoir   There are a number of ways you can go about building a wicking bed. Many of the decisions involved are to do with what media you will use. Living on a limited budget I spent countless hours … Read more

Fruit Tree and Gardening Suppliers

Fruit Trees Daleys Fruit Trees  is probably the most well known retail fruit tree supplier in S.E. Qld. They’re located just below the border in NSW at Kyogle. Daleys have an extensive range and deliver to most parts of Australia. They’ve got one of the most comprehensive websites and videos/ youtube channel as well, regarding … Read more